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May 2021

Tom Swift


Around a century ago there was a series of adventure novels starring a hero named Tom Swift. These books were known for using adverbs with conversation tags in order to add extra emphasis: "The airplane is taking off!" Tom said quickly. "We've got to follow it!" Jane agreed enthusiastically. Adding

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A Simple Soul Blanket


We're really proud of our latest book. It's called "A Simple Soul: Moving from Fear to Love" Author Kim Cowherd shares her hard won inspiration and gives practical advice for pursuing your dreams and living a more fulfilling life. It will leave you feeling motivated and supported like a warm

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Powers Revealed


A New Book in an Epic Fantasy World https://kdp.amazon.com/amazon-dp-action/us/dualbookshelf.marketplacelink/1954779100 We are so proud of C. T. Fitzgerald's Threat of Angeals Series. It's an epic fantasy that will keep Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings fans mesmerized. Click the link to jump into the series. Learn more about the

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A Simple Soul: Moving from Fear to Love


We just published a new book! We're thrilled to announce a memoir by Kimberly Cowherd called A Simple Soul: Moving from Fear to Love https://www.amazon.com/dp/1954779119 It's an inspiring story of Kim's journey through life and love as well as her sports achievements. A Simple Soul teaches positivity and gratitude even

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Hack the System


Learning the System vs. Learning to Hack it Cory Doctorow wrote a an article called "Rules for Writers" which I keep coming back to. Here's the link at Locus magazine: https://locusmag.com/2020/05/cory-doctorow-rules-for-writers/ Cory's article talks about his experience of two texts: One of the best books of rules for science fiction

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April 2021

The Rules


Attend any writing group or writing class and you will probably discuss rules for writers. These are usually some simple things to remember that you can easily jot down in a notebook. Don't start a sentence with a conjunction or preposition. Show, don't tell, etc. These rules can be helpful

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February 2021



(a/k/a Marketing is Worth it!) Yesterday, Isaac and I spent the day calculating royalties for all of the Emerald authors. Our books earned over $6000 for the last 4 months of 2020, with sales throughout the USA, in bookstores, via Kindle and internationally in Europe, Great Britain, Canada, and India.


Write toward vulnerablility


Inspired by the upcoming Cup & Quill workshop on writing, I pulled out a copy of Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird. The advice that just shines through the page in her conclusion is about writers making ourselves vulnerable. How does this translate on the page? Create imperfect ("embarrassing?") characters. Make

Write toward vulnerablility2021-02-12T20:05:25-08:00

All the extra book stuff!


There are so many pieces that go into creating a book, beyond just the text and narrative. When you are submitting a book to an editor or publisher, make sure you have thought about the following pieces: Copyright page table of contents About the Author: a professional bio of you

All the extra book stuff!2021-02-01T03:47:49-08:00

January 2021

Writing tips for history


Thought I would share what I instruct my undergraduate history students to do in their writing. I think that particulars and specificities help historians make arguments and tell stories. Here they go! Use the past tense to describe historical events. Ensure your statement is specific. Never use such phrases as:

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