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The editing experience includes feedback on plot structure, characters, and names, as well as corrections and smoothing out prose on the level of the sentence.

Jessica, our lead editor, holds a Ph.D. and MA in history from the City University of New York and has enjoyed a long freelance career in the New York publishing industry. She has a passion for helping you hone your writer’s voice and smoothing out prose to bring your book to life and really connect with readers.

Isaac is a fiction author himself and helps authors develop plot structure and can talk to you about how to create a compelling story.

Linda, our partner at Cup & Quill Editing Services, holds at Ph.D. in English and an MA in English from the University of Alberta, and a BA in English/Humanities from York University. She is an English professor with over twenty years of experience teaching literature and writing courses at the university level.

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Save 10% when you combine editing and publishing!

Purchase a Double or Triple Gem editing package with any publishing package and save 10% on your final combined total.

Single Gem

One Round of Editing

$49 + 2.5 cents per word

One round of content/developmental editing with recommendations for revisions in the comments. A copyedit is ideal for writers on a budget, or those who know their work needs further revision but don’t know where to focus their attention.

Double Gem

2 Rounds of Editing + Proofread

$49 + 6 cents per word / $225 minimum

Includes three rounds of editing: A developmental edit, a second creative edit, and a final proofread to make sure your manuscript is ready for publication.

Triple Gem

Creative Development + 2 Rounds + Proofread

8 cents/word minimum $375

Start with a creative, developmental overview which provides valuable feedback for the scope and structure of your manuscript. Continues with two rounds of editing—both developmental and copyediting—then a final proofread to make sure your manuscript is perfect and ready for publication.

Creative Development 

$1,025 for 6 weeks of working together

Creative development is an exciting collaborative process between a writer and their editor. In this process, we aren’t necessarily looking for simple errors of spelling and grammar, instead we are discussing the plot on the whole and the emotional arc of the characters. Is the world of the book believable? Are the events of the book easy to follow? Can portions of the story be better arranged for dramatic effect? This option is a deep-dive into story theory and plot structure concepts. We’ll take a look at structural examples in the work of other authors and creatively refine your book to deepen your engagement with your future readers. You can purchase this option to work with our resident writing and structural expert, Isaac Peterson.

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      Submit your manuscript for our review— .PDF | .DOCX only

      Frequently Asked Questions About Editing

      What style guide do your editors use?2021-05-26T03:04:58-07:00

      We use the Chicago Manual of Style. We allow for your own style and voice in our editing process, but the Chicago Manual is a great baseline. It’s something every writer should own. It’s easy to understand and easy to look things up.

      Do I need an editor after I’ve finished my first draft?2021-05-26T03:01:30-07:00

      You can employ an editor at any point in your writing process. A great rule of thumb is to always completely rewrite your book once you finish the first draft. This sounds like a lot of work at first but it can also feel incredibly freeing. Instead of facing the blank page, you are working with something that already has structure, tone and emotion. In our opinion, it is a waste to hire a professional editor when most of their work is absorbed fixing simple errors that could have been caught with spell check. Rewriting beyond the first draft means you are making your book the best it can be before it leaves your hands, and your editor can take it even further. A rewrite of your entire book is certainly a lengthy endeavor, but it’s a great opportunity to advance the manuscript before you send it to an editor. It can be really exciting to be swept away by your own novel!

      Which editing package is best for publishing?2021-05-26T00:14:20-07:00

      We recommend the Double Gem package for editing, becuase it gives you a chance to work with an editor for a sustained period of time, and then polish the writing for publication. However, if you have already edited the book, feel free to just buy a proofread to check for any mistakes.