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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make hardcover books?2021-05-25T23:15:35-07:00

Yes. Hardcover books are included in the partnership and pro packages. If you specifically want a hardcover and you have the author-driven package let us know. We can alter the package for you. However, please keep in mind that hardcover books cost more to produce so therefore they are less profitable overall than ebooks or paperbacks.

Isn’t it possible to publish my own book by myself?2021-03-04T22:30:32-08:00

Absolutely! There are print on demand services that only require you to send a word document. Those services often have a “cover creator” wizard where it will automatically make a cover for you with your image and title. To start with an easy-to-use service, you might want to look at kindle create, which is a simple interface for making ebooks for kindle. Kindle Create is pretty much the same difficulty level as using word. We never try to hard-sell authors our services. We’re happy to point you in the right direction to publish your book yourself if you choose.  Just get in touch for a free 15 minute phone conversation.

Our services will give you a professional interior layout and cover of the highest quality and allow you to reach more readers on amazon and in bookstores across the country. If you want a finished, professional look for your book that will look good next to any novel from a big publishing house, you’ve come to the right place.

I already have a cover. Can I have a discount?2021-03-04T00:15:05-08:00

Unfortunately, no. An image is only part of a good cover. A book cover is part of an overall design process, the image and text must be sized precisely to fit the number of pages in the book and the size of the book. In addition there are practical elements that have to fit on the cover, such as the barcode on the back. We are absolutely happy to work with any image you would like for your cover, but it should be sent without text so it can be fitted to the proper dimensions of the cover layout.

How can I make the best book possible?2021-03-04T00:06:18-08:00

Usually editing is the most expensive service when it comes to writing a book, and editing is absolutely essential. There are so many things you can do to improve your manuscript before you hire an editor. Ask a friend or loved one to read it and give you honest feedback about what is working and what isn’t. Join a local club or writing group and get feedback from other writers. Finish your book completely and then go back and rewrite the whole thing. Many authors get so caught up in the excitement of publishing that they don’t do a second draft, or they feel overconfident in their own abilities and think their work is perfect and doesn’t need another draft. Writing is revision. Don’t just hire an editor after your first draft. Make the book the best you can be before you hire an editor. Then instead of just fixing simple mistakes your editor can work more creatively with you on the content and structure of the book.

Do you guarantee book sales when you are doing marketing?2021-03-03T23:57:23-08:00

No. Marketing is about promoting your book as best we can and bringing readers to your book. We can do a ton of stuff with advertisements but many of our strategies involve your presence as an author. You should plan to reach out to your circle, maintain an active social media presence about writing, and create and keep up with profiles on goodreads and author central. We can help with all of this of course, but without your presence as an author marketing won’t be as successful. Choose the author driven package if you aren’t sure about this stuff. If you choose our basic package it doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on any of the marketing possibilities. You can build everything in later. You can have great success on your own by following our template:

Author Marketing Template

We have published best-sellers and we’ve had books that make $100 dollars per day, and we believe every one of our authors can achieve this, but marketing depends on a lot of factors. We will do our best for you if you buy marketing or the partnership or bookseller pro packages but we can’t guarantee sales.

Can I publish on my own account so I can retain 100% of the royalties?2021-03-03T23:46:43-08:00

Yes. We usually host the book on our publishing platforms and manage the book for our clients. For this work we get part of your royalties. If you would like to publish on your own account you can get 100% of the royalties, but in that case we can’t help with advertising or promotion. We are happy to deliver your print-ready files for you to upload to the platform of your choice, but we can’t trouble shoot the platform you are using, since we won’t have access to it. In order to do this, choose the author-driven package. The end result is cover and interior files that you can upload to create your paperback and ebook. We can get you started and share the publication services that we think work best but we can’t do it for you. In this situation we don’t do any marketing since we can’t purchase ads on your behalf without access to your account, but we will happily do a marketing consultation with you, and remember to take a look at our guide:

Author Marketing Template

What’s the difference between the three packages?2021-03-03T23:29:47-08:00

Basically, this is about marketing. If you want to produce a finished book for the minimum price choose author directed. We have a ton of advertising services that we use and the larger packages include marketing. We include the cost of advertising in these packages and automatically buy ads for your book. In the partnership package we run ads for you using methods we’ve had success with in the past. In the Bookseller pro package we double our budget for ads and pull out all the stops.

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