7 09, 2021

September Post: The Vikings and Bjarke Strongarm


A small vignette:  Bjarke Strongarm, a character from Twilight Sojourn. “Bjarke Strongarm was a seafaring trader, it was a steady, reliable occupation, but when trade was slow and the lure of adventure beckoned, Bjarke hired himself as a mercenary. He remembered as a boy before the family hearth, listening to

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25 08, 2021

The Trilogy is Complete


Creating a Trilogy Author Melissa Seal was one of our first clients. We loved her thriller, Unbreakable, and like all of her readers, found ourselves wondering where the story would go and how it would continue. It's a fast-paced crime thriller but with a lovely romance at its core. Throughout

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25 08, 2021

Discover your next great read….


This book is incredible. It's one of our favorite pieces of writing we've ever published.   https://www.amazon.com/dp/1954779070

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25 08, 2021

Two Great New Books


Our two newest books are thrilling! Check them out here! https://www.amazon.com/dp/1954779143 https://www.amazon.com/dp/1954779151

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7 08, 2021

August Monthly Post: Fare in a medieval manor


Imagination and historical facts is the recipe for a Time travel novel. I normally do extensive research on both the relevant historical period and site locations before I start writing a storyline, but for book two in the series, “The Shadow of Black Mountain,” I have done spot research to

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28 07, 2021

Two news stories about Teen Author Nirmani Walpola


News stories about teen author Nirmani Walpola We're thrilled to work with young authors, and super proud of Nirmani's achievement. This is something to celebrate and we are so happy to see two different news stories about her! Here they are: https://www.kxii.com/2021/07/26/texoma-teen-publishes-book-with-global-company/ https://www.kten.com/story/44381188/texoma-teen-publishes-a-novel Here's the books description: Clara, the most

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16 07, 2021

New Story on Kindle Vella


Kindle Vella has launched! What is it like? Kindle Vella has launched! You can read my story here in this new episodic format: https://www.amazon.com/kindle-vella/product/B0934BQ2D4 Kindle Vella is designed for reading on cell phones so  it is all about short, compelling episodes. The Demon's Twin is a follow up to the

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9 07, 2021

Nirmani Walpola on how her book came to be.


Author Nirmani Walpola talks about the inspiration for her book Nirmani here! You might know me from my very first book, The Midnight Warriors, but do you really know me? The Midnight Warriors went through A LOT of work before it finally got here. How much work? Well, settle in,

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6 07, 2021

A new book by teen author Nirmani Walpola


  Teen author Nirmani Walpola got serious about writing when she was only 11!  As she was working on the Midnight Warriors, she sent query letters to nearly 200 agents to pitch her book. Her ambition and professionalism as an author never fails to impress. During our rounds of editing,

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1 07, 2021

Free book today and tomorrow!


The Brass Starling is free on kindle today and tomorrow! stop by and pick up your copy! We're thrilled with the reviews we're getting on the book and amazed to be in the top ten in three categories today: #1 in Jewish American Fiction #8 in Alternative History #9 in

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